Thursday, December 20, 2012


This is the 12-21-12 activity for the voices of the world to share together!
Hello Every One,  
December 21st is the Winter Solstice .  Many things are being planned to support the healing of the Earth and of us all.  I wanted to let you know about this one.  
There is the opportunity to sing with ONE VOICE, ONE EARTH. The goal is 15 million voices all around the Earth at the same time.   We will sing a Nigerian song of honoring Earth and Life.  Below I will give you the YouTube sites to hear more about this.
The song sung by the Good Earth choir led by the woman who is promoting this around the world. Ise Oluwa ko le baje o 

Here is the link to a brief, inspiring interview describing OneEarth, OneVoice:  One Earth. One Voice. Campaign Founder Shyla Nelson: ABC News Australia

 The Rainbow Scribe...

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