Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Is A Time Of Giving

Each year we look forward to this huge holiday event. Many of us are in a position to just give and give, no worries. Such a large part of our fellow sojourners are suffering. Why this is so prevalent right now may be a sign of the times or just a cyclical occurrence.
Go out and give of yourselves, give to others in need, like never before. Remember we are all of One Vibration, all united at a great and glorious spiritual level.
Many Blessings To All. Namaste, Cyn

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Monoatomic-Crystalline Body

Metatron Crystalline Body Nov 9/09 PDF Print E-mail
11/4/09~Metatron: The Monoatomic-Crystalline Body via Beth & Mark

Your bodies are changing from carbon based systems to monoatomic based systems. In the old system, you had to eat food to replace depleted carbon which is necessary for body functions.

In the monatomic-crystalline system, you will power the body by Liquid Light.

In the old system, you had a sodium and chloride (seawater) medium, known as blood, and floating in it are atoms such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. The monatomic-crystalline system has liquid light, and floating in it is gold, silicon, selenite, platinum, and other monoatomic atoms, such as, monatomic Tellurium, and a non-metallic balance of Rhodium, Iridium, & rare-Earth Ormus minerals. The monoatomic-crystalline body will convert sunlight directly into electricity to power the body. It will require sunlight, not food. Monocrystalline silicon is the receiver in the body and works in conjunction with gold, palladium, and titanium in a medium of liquid light.

Cosmic Rays are the substrate and these come into the body through the crown chakra. The Cosmic Rays hold the monoatomic elements and are brought to the body in waves, which are like wind, that comes from the Great Central Sun, and our local Sun, Sol. As the Cosmic Rays come down they come into Earth and also into our monoatomic-crystalline bodies. All through the body are energy portals where the Cosmic Rays are received and transmitted to the meridians, or electric channels of light, running through the whole body. The meridians are laid down like tracks, from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, and all through the body. This "track" is a route for electricity to travel through the body.

This electricity is what will power the body functions.

The term 'Ray" in Cosmic rays, is not completely true, since these are transmitted as Cosmic Particles arriving individually, from outer space, through Earth's atmosphere and into each human-Galactic body. We receive the particles from the Suns as well as events far out in our Universe. We are effected by everything in All That Is.

There are now activations happening to open 24 physical DNA strands and 24 etheric DNA strands.

These make up the physical-etheric body. It is the physical-etheric bodies, working together, which makes traveling out of body, invisibility, telepathy, teleportation, levitation, and other body functions possible.

We will be moving away from the old system of mastication, digestion and elimination. That is old timeline and involves other animal urges. We now are moving to the new body systems which involves ionizing radiation. This involves the Sun's solar wind and the Earth's magnetic field. These modulate the flux and flow of Cosmic Rays to the monoatomic-crystalline body.

The way these particles are used by the body can only be understood by learning more about the 13th Gateway. The 13th Gateway describes the energy portals running through the body. There are 13 wheels of light located in the monoatomic-crystalline body. The thirteen chakras are: the base, sacral, solar plexus, lower heart, middle heart, high heart, third eye, crown, and four etheric chakras: the celestial, galactic, universal and cosmic chakras which exit the body at the back-- at the level of the heart--surround the top of the head, and enter the body in the front of the heart.

Each of the wheels of light take in the ionizing radiation they need to function. When the monoatomic-crystalline body has all it needs, these wheels of light work in harmony, with sound vibration and light combined to exist in the matter environment of 5D Earth.

Whenever desired, the 5D physical vehicle may engage the 13th Gateway and enter into the etheric-physical. When this engagement happens, the 13th Gateway is crossed through and this takes the monoatomic-crystalline body from the physical realm into the physical-etheric realm where antimatter is experienced.

How is this engagement accomplished?

When the subtle bodies are in alignment, the engagement is accomplished. This requires being right with Self as well as being right with All That Is. There must be balance to achieve this.

Next, One begins with an intention which elevates joy to its maximum, being centered and focuses in love, optimizing the initiating thought and making it a high priority.

This is the equation necessary to make it all happen.

How it happens is, once the physical is cycling to physical-etheric, light enters the crown, circulates around the 13 chakras, igniting the three fold flame in the heart, and turning everything in the body to a burst of light energetic. This is a pulsing light. It is an instant conversion form matter to antimatter. This is a kind of reversal, or flipping of light energy. It is the antimatter body which takes One out of body to explore the Universe. This can be accomplished during meditation or dream time. If you have not explored meditation yet, it is possible, life may have more joy, if you incorporate this process into your daily routine. Meditation is key in connecting with the 13th Gateway. This is where the matter world of the lower 12 dimensions is crossed into the 13th Dimension of antimatter. This engagement can happen in an instant, with practice. It is not difficult to accomplish, one must simply try, again and again, until they have a handle on it.

The monoatomic-crystalline body is much more efficient that the carbon based body. It requires much less upkeep. It does not, ultimately, require food. It does like to have a good amount of water. It does not break down as easily as the other body and is essentially impervious to disease. This is the immortal body system.

It is with the monoatomic-crystalline body, one may experience birth from the light realm. It is with this body higher and higher levels of co-creation are accomplished. There is a greater ability for instant manifestation. The carbon based body travelled in a merkaba body and the monoatomic-crystalline body travels in a merkiva body. The crystalline merkiva can be found in the heart and One goes into this place of consciousness in meditation to leave the physical body behind and enter the physical-etheric body. This is the root of teleportation.

The conduit of energy running from the crown to the base chakra, receives the Cosmic Rays into the body, where they are received and then transmitted over the meridian systems and through the energy portal centers.

Each organ has energy portals regulating the ionizing radiation and converting it to energy. This makes a river of liquid light running through the body. At the base--at the perineum--is a delta area where this river of liquid light collects and pools, and then floats back up to the top of the head, into the brain, via the cerebral spinal fluid. The liquid light, the substrate, in the monoatomic-crystalline body, runs from the top of the head, the alpha, to the bottom of the feet, the omega. This pathway runs through the sun-star merkiva in the heart. This is how the Source Energy, comes in on the Cosmic Rays, and is mixed with the consciousness of love in the heart. Through this process, with the equation of initiating thought and intention, with priority, desire, and length of delay, is the basis for co-creation.

11/4/09~Metatron--The Anatomy of the Monoatomic-Crystalline Body

The Source Energy from Creation comes into the crown chakra at the top of the head.

The crown chakra opens and pulsates the same way a cervix expands and opens to allow a child to be born out from the birth canal. Imagine an expansion of the soft tissue of the scalp, relaxing and opening in a circle, on top of the head.

The more it expands, the more light is allowed in. It is through this crown that the Cosmic Rays pour in, feeding the monoatomic-crystalline body all the monoatomic elements it needs to make electricity, and for the substrate of liquid light, pouring into the conduit that runs the length of the body. The conduit flows light Source Energy from the top of the head, to the perineum.

After the Source Energy enters the crown, it floats in, like a mist, from the 13th Dimension, the 13th Gateway, where antimatter exists. It translates and steps down into monoatomic elements, like, silicon, selenite, platinum, helium, gold, and others. It enters, as light energy into the exquisitely delicate energy portals in the brain. These portals are transducers, as they receive and transmit information from Consciousness and receive information from Source.

These delicate brain portals are wired directly into the heart. The mind- heart are simultaneously and synchronistically, working together at all times. The conduit, running from the crown, into the brain, brings light energy, from the formless form dimensions, into our bodies and runs through the brain energy portals in a sequential flow:

1) The Crown 2) The forward Parietal Lobe and rear Frontal Lobe 3) The Corpus Callosum (which is the frame around the conduit) 4) The Pineal Gland 5) The Thalmus 6) The Pituitary Gland (The Master Gland) 7) The Hypothalmus and the 8) The Hippocampus 9) The Reptilian Brain (Cerebellum and Brain Stem)

From there, the Source Energy flows into the spinal cord to be transmitted along the nerve cells to all other areas of the body. It passes through the Thyroid Gland, where it affects every part of the immune system and breathing.

The largest portion goes directly form there into the merkiva, the multipointed sun-star of the heart. This is a special four-chambered womb which collects the Source Energy and infuses it with the Consciousness of Love, also known as Christ Consciousness.

It flows down from there to the Pancreas (another energy portal) and into the Sex Organs. Here it collects in a pool near the perineum, it pulses out to the limbs and the turns around and returns up the Central Conduit, and back out through the head.

There are two places of Zero Point in the monoatomic-crystalline body.

One is at the perineum. Imagine an infinity symbol beginning in the head, the alpha, and ending in the feet, the omega, with the reverse point at the perineum.

Another Zero Point in the body is in the three fold flame in the heart. There are three heart chakras, the lower heart, middle heart, and high heart. These make up the three fold flame.

These are the centers in the body of Wisdom, Love, and Power.

The infinity symbol in the heart has its reverse point in the center of the trifold flame. It extends out of the heart in the front, and in the back. This connects the physical body with the etheric body. It also is the powerhouse for the etheric chakras, which anchor in the heart and circulate out over the head.

When One allows the Source Energy to combine with Christ Consciousness in the heart center, and brings it through the liquid light conduit, to the Zero Point, that is the moment we change from matter to antimatter.

This is when we leave and go out of body [OOB] or teleport, or become invisible, or lay down our physical clothes in the dreamstate. The monoatomic body has no requirements to break down nutrients, because it no longer relies on the dense elements of potassium, sodium, chloride, phosphorus, calcium. Eventually, when One becomes practiced at living more on light, the digestive organs will begin to atrophy due to underuse. This will not happen immediately, but over time. As less food is taken in, there will be less waste, and less ability to store toxins, and eventually, this body is disease-free and immortal. This is not instant, but does happen quickly. The monoatomic-crystalline body is an immortal body. As this body takes in the Light Energy from the Central Sun and Cosmic Rays, our chakras increase their ability to hold light. Our light quotient increases.

As this body increases its ability to flow Love Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness through it, the love quotient increases. We can now have our quotient levels at 100% and Ascend fully without leaving the physical body. This works because the monoatomic-crystalline body has the ability to carry and hold more light and more love. This will change the body's ability to share love. Love making will be better.

Love Making will include experiencing energies in all 13 chakras and having orgasms in all the energy centers.

This is Cosmic Sex, and we all will have the ability to enjoy it. This will contribute to knowing more and more love. In turn, our ability for instant manifestation is manifoldly increased . This is because joy and love play a very large factor in co-creation.

When the Source Energy pulses through our monoatomic-crystalline bodies, through the central conduit, and then to our arms and legs, hands and feet, it connects all of the energy portals running through meridians from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet.

Our meridian system is made up of 13 main meridians, running the length of the body (including the lung, heart, and triple burner meridians) and it is made up of 13 minor meridians which support the trunk area in circles around the chest and back.

Along these meridians are approximately 400 energy portal transducer sites balancing the flow of Source Energy, Cosmic Rays, and Christ Consciousness in the monoatomic-crystalline body. These energy portals connect the physical system to the nadis, which are the etheric energy portals.

With the 48 strands of DNA, 24 physical + 24 etheric, activated, the meridians are governed by the physical DNA and the nadis are governed by the etheric DNA. The nadis allow the etheric Cosmic Energy to flow in an out of the body in a pulsing formation.

The energy through the light centers, or chakras, governing the organs and glands, and the energy through the cosmic portals of the nadis, governing the kundalini energy, rising and flowing in the central conduit, combine together in the approximately 400 energy portals where they blend into light and are the balance between the physical and etheric in the monoatomic-crystalline body.

Beth and Mark


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A World Of Joy And Happiness

Master Hilarion Update Oct 19/09 Weekly Message from the Ascended Master Hilarion
October 18 – 25, 2009
http://www.therainb/ owscribe. com/hilarionswee klymessage. htm

Beloved Lightworkers,

This week I come to speak to you about the energies once again. There is a great cleansing occurring and there are many who have pretended to be of the Light who are finding themselves being exposed for who they really are. These are the agents that could be termed ‘double agents’. We ask you, Beloved Lightworkers, to become very discerning about whom you give your energy and attention to. It is by their works that you shall know those who are not who they present themselves as, even to the extent of offering advanced services to the Lightworkers in terms of initiations and activations.
Those who are offering their services to truly help Lightworkers and Awakening Ones, have a High energy emanating from them, and this is a palpable energy even when you visit their websites. This is the energy of a highest vibration which is Love. You will instantly feel this Love within your heart chakra and know that you are in the presence of one of the transformed Ones. One who walked through the Spiritual fires of trial and tribulation and emerged shining and purified, having overcome all of their tests and initiations. These were set up many ages ago as a way to ensure that only those of the purest intention and character could have access to the most arcane knowledge that required these attributes.
Each of you has been walking this Path of Light. The important initiations occur on the Inner Planes and most of you do not remember the ceremonies that you partook in. Walking the Path of Light requires absolute integrity, honesty, honor and the clarity of truth. These initiations become progressively more refined as you continue successfully on your Path of Light. Those who are High Initiates know that great self discipline and restraint is involved, it requires opening Oneself up to unwavering scrutiny of Self, to purify all aspects of duality and lower vibrational thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds. It requires letting go of the eating of flesh in most cases, it requires taking on a more purified diet, drinking pure, clean water and breathing techniques.
These requirements have been somewhat modified because there are so many of you now incarnated upon the Earth. Many of you still consume foods that have no life force energy in them at all - which includes most of today’s packaged products. Anything that is not fresh from the vine or branch, has already lost a great deal of its life force. We see many more of you in future years understanding the need to expect high life force energy in every food that you consume, so this will be changing the way that food is prepared for your consumption. The desire for processed foods of no food value will fall away and as a consequence of this, the health of all individuals will be improved tremendously.
Do try to become aware of what you ingest into your bodies, for your body is your Temple, a sacred vessel that houses your Great I AM Presence and is the instrument that manifests this Presence upon this World. As you cleanse and purify your physical bodies, the World around you becomes more pristine and healthy. We see that when enough of Humanity chooses to stop the eating of meat, the air will be cleaner and the energies in the Earth’s atmosphere will be Lighter. When the respect for all of Creation is honored, the Earth will indeed be a better place. As the body Temples are kept purified, so too, the emotions of joy and equilibrium become the norm for each Soul who walks the Earth. So you can see, Beloved Ones, there is still much work to be done.
Those of you who heed these words will find the Ascension process much easier to deal with, for there will be less dross taking away your higher energy in order to keep your physical bodies in a balanced state. A truly healthy body is a joy to manifest in. A truly healthy body permits all the Highest vibrations to flow through unencumbered in any way and so there will be great and inspiring creations, poetry, art, sculpture, in many modalties that will come forth from Humanity, who will joyfully express their talents and abilities as their contribution of energy exchange. The enjoyment of these creations by your fellows will be the energy exchange that they give in return. Can you fathom such a World? That is what will eventually transpire for each of you. All of your efforts at this time will be worth it, Dear Ones.
Try to imagine such a World and spend some time each day visualizing a World where everyone is doing that which gives them joy and happiness each and every day, a World where one does not have to rush off in heavy traffic to work for eight hours and then slowly find their way home through heavy traffic, in order to make payments on a house and property that you cannot even enjoy because of being too busy in the striving for it to truly do what you love. This will change, Dear Ones, there will be a different way, a better way, and you it is who is creating this now.

Until next week…..
I AM Hilarion

© 2009 Marlene Swetlishoff
This Message may be shared with others provided that Scribe's name, copyright, and this link is included: http://www.therainb owscribe. com

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Spiritual Portal Opening Message From Master Saint Germain

About September 9th, 2009:
Unconditional Love

"As you are well aware, there were many 9-9-9 gatherings sprinkled all over the planet.

The magical date and planetary configurations created a strong portal for new, high frequency energies to enter into the Earth. These energies are essential for the raising of all life and the Earth for Ascension. The many sincere prayers and activations were of great service to the planet and to yourselves. They allowed the energy to deepen and successfully penetrate the density still within your realms.

After such a high energy time, it is perfectly normal and expected that there will be an energetic let down afterwards. Please understand this is just a balancing of the higher energies that you experienced. Clearing out that which comes up is necessary to deeply integrate the new energy and frequency that was received.

Be gentle with yourself and do not judge any feelings of let down as failure on your part. You are perfect and did very well -- well done! Use the Violet Flame and know that the expansion you felt during that time will, and can, soon be your level of what you would call normal. Be kind to yourself, be sure to get plenty of sleep and eat pure foods that will nourish your body.

By joyous and know, deep in your heart, how precious you are.

From the higher realms we see you all as bright shining stars and encourage you to go forth and share that light with all you encounter. You will be receiving more transformational downloads of energy and blessings for many months to follow. "

New Message

"I have mentioned this to many of you before, and want to remind you of the paramount importance of clearing your emotional body. This is the MOST important task of all for your personal Ascension.

The many varied emotions that you feel and experience are of the human, not the Divine. They block you from being able to embody your True Essence. Even those that you may think are high frequency emotions are not what you believe them to be. For instance, it is commonly accepted by the current collective consciousness that LOVE is a high and desired state to achieve. . . . Not necessarily.

There are many types of love, most of which are third dimensional traps. Any emotion that causes you any type of pain or strong attachments is a trap. Romantic love is certainly one, yet most of you are desiring to find your soul mate or your twin flame, thinking that is the ultimate romantic love and is a desirous goal. Romantic love has so many conditions, expectations and pain. It is what all your songs and stories revolve around and it traps you into a lower spiral, no matter how elevated you expect it to be.

I truly understand how this information may product sadness or even anger and disbelief within you. Yet it is my deep love for you that commands me to reveal the truth to you as it is my desire to see each one of you completely free and ascended.

The desired state of love is that of the Christ Consciousness Unconditional Love. That is the love we of the higher realms have for you and all of life. It is nowhere similar to romantic love or the love of a parent for a child. It is difficult to understand and embody from the earthly realm, however, if one truly clears the emotional body of all emotions, including romantic and other conditional forms of love, higher love can enter.

Use my Violet Flame often and sincerely to clear your emotion body. Ask to understand, experience and embody Christ Consciousness Unconditional Love. Know that it is a state of Being, not an emotion, feeling, or thought. It is what one becomes as an ascended being.

I send you my love and blessings." -- Ascended Master Saint Germain

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Archangel Michael October 2009 Update

THE DANCE OF LOVE AND PEACE THE ENERGIES FOR OCTOBER 2009 Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

"The Pink Heart" by Ofira Oriel of Israel at Beloved Lightworkers, so now you enter into the flow of energy that will create the month of October! Indeed, you have passed through the powerful "portal" or dimensional gateway of the 9:9 on the 9th of September, and now you are flowing towards the 10:10 on the 10th of October. At the 9:9 you were able to experience an ending and a new beginning. The 10:10 will be a 1:1 doorway, an entry to new levels of experience and awareness that will culminate at the 11:11 gateway, when you will experience the full impact of the new energies in new levels of awareness. At the 12:12 in December and at the December Solstice, you will be guided into a powerful new understanding of your work as a creative expression of Divine Love on Earth. Indeed, beloved Lightworkers, December and January will be months of transition, bridging energies away from the old and into the New that wll be expressed in the first half of the year 2010.

So, Beloved Ones, let us now focus on this month of October. The Full Moon falls at the beginning of the month, on the 4th. The Moon will be in Aries and the Sun in Libra. At this time, the energies of BALANCE will be most important. Can you hold your inner balance in PEACE and LOVE at this time? Can you center in your I AM presence and be at PEACE with yourself and all others, and at the same time, can you be part of the One Heart and the One Mind. Can you say "I AM" and also "WE ARE", together as ONE? Beloved Souls, in this New Energy, it will be necessary to be able to feel yourself as part of the wider community and to feel as "one" with others, and to feel that from your Heart. The question that is now being asked of you is "how may you serve the new energies and the new light?". What will you do to be a full expression of the Love of Source that is being transmitted through you?

At the time of the New Moon, on the 18th, it will be a good time to meditate on your relationship with your community and how you may best serve that community by being a bearer of the New Codes and energies for the New Earth. Meditate on how you can be an expression of Love just be Being Who You Are and by fully expressing Who You Are. Remember, Beloved Ones, that each of you carries the Divine Flame within your Heart, and each one of you is an expression of the Divine Love and Grace of God. It is only for you to exercise your free will and to choose how you, as an individual, will be an expression of the Divine Grace within the One Energy of Community.

In this month too, the old energies of the Atlantean Negative Codes continues to be released on very deep levels, to allow for it to be replaced with the Light of the New Earth Codes that are guiding the Evolution of Humanity on its Journey into Higher Expressions of Light. The old trauma of the Atlantean "disaster" continues to reverberate through the psyches of those who seek to hold onto the old ways of power and control and manipulation. Beloved Ones, know that those who seek these darker paths do so because they feel a deep inner fear and a sense of guilt and unworthiness. They fear that they have "failed" and that God has abandonned them, so they need to try to control their own destiny instead of allowing their destiny to be a part of the greater plan of Love and Compassion. And, when you enter into dramas of duality with such ones, you merely reinforce their sense of unworthiness and lack. Far better it is, dear ones, to forgive such ones and to release then from their roles as bearers of the illusion of darkness. For when you forgive, then you release. You do not condone actions that are based in low vibrations of fear, but you release the effects that such energies may have on you.

Now, as for the Negative Atlantean Codes and the energies of "victim" that are surging through the Collective to be released, we will say that FORGIVENESS is the first step. Forgive, Release, and let go. The Victim Dramas are not part of the New Earth, nor ever will be. As you forgive those who still seek to perpetuate those dramas, you also release yourself from being drawn into the weavings of this very old trauma based energy. And, you move upwards into the clear Spiral of Light that expresses the Divine Energies of COMPASSION and BEAUTY and KINDNESS and CREATIVITY and PEACE.

For, Beloved Ones, in this month of October, you will be challenged to make that choice to be a vessel for the flow of the energies of PEACE and COMPASSION. Now, firstly, Compassion is not a passive energy, it is the active expression of Divine Passion, the Divine Passion to Love and to Create. Those who express Compassion are those who are motivated by Love to be an expression of Divine Grace and Peace. And, Beloved Ones, Peace is not just the absence of war and aggression. Peace is the Active Energy of Creation expressing itself through Harmony and Balance and Love. PEACE is an energy that Flows and Creates! It creates Joy within communities and Contentment within the Hearts of people. To be an "instrument of God's Peace" is to bring Joy and Contentment to those places where they are lacking. And, beloved ones, when you are awakened and awake, each one of you has the the ability to be a vessel of Peace, just by being who you are and centered in your heart. When you offer yourself in the service of this energy, then you will be shown new opportunities to be a Light to the Earth, and to express Compassion, Tenderness, Intimacy, Beauty, and Grace to all that you meet.

Beloved Ones, we will say that the creation or weaving of Peace is the Dance of Love on the Earth. You hear the Divine Music coming from the Great Heart of Source, and being echoed in the Heart of the Earth Mother. And so, as you align with the Divine Tones and Sounds, and the Divine Colors and Forms, you begin to weave your life and to move in harmony with the Divine Music. As a skilled dancer, you follow the flow of the music and each step is an expression of that music in Time and Space.

You are the Dancer and Life is the Dance! You are the Music - you are the Artist, Creator and Weaver! When you weave with the Conscious Intention to follow Divine Harmony as it flows,you become One with the Divine Dance of Love. You become the Dance of Love, and where you are people hear the Music of the Dance and they feel inspired to begin to dance themselves. And soon, everyone is moving in alignmenmt, everyone is dancing the dance of Love that is called Peace. So, Beloved Ones, we ask, in this month of October, that you center in your Hearts, that you hold your Inner Peace, and become a Living Expression of the Dance of Love. The Energies for October The Full Moon in Aries falls on the 4th of October, and the New Moon in Libra, on the 18th of October. The 10:10 portal on the 10th of October will also provide momentum in the unfolding and experience of the New Earth energies. The sun moves from Libra into Scorpio on the 23rd of October, and the energy will then shift towards an inner focus of awareness and inner light as you move towards the 11:11 portal in November. We wish you Joy and Peace as you Dance with the Music of Divine Love in the month of October.
© 2009-10 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Angelic Realms

The Angels
Channelled through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
23rd September, 2009
Many of you have reached up to the Heavenly realms asking for help, assistance, and miracles. Never before have the Heavenly Hosts and the Angels heard such a cry. Never before have we issued millions of angels to come forth and wrap themselves all around Earth.

In the Angelic World, we wear many forms colors and energies. Sometimes we come forth as a single drop of rain upon your face. Sometimes we come forth as a breeze touching your cheek. Sometimes we can be seen in the clouds as a brilliant luminosity. Sometimes we are a single tiny dot of light and other times we are big enough to embrace all of Earth. We vary in size in color and light. We vary in jobs and in position and in understandings of humans. We are not those who have fallen from death on your planet. We are a completely different type of being, one who listens to your every beck and call. The Heavenly Father issued you to be in charge of us. Finally, after so long, we are set free to do our job, to love and protect you. Each one of you has a multitude of us around you. We flit about as a butterfly in a palace rose garden.

When you were born you were given an angelic guardian. We come forth to allow you the experience the grace, the glory of peace amongst all the turmoil. We are what brings a smile to your face in the midst of a hectic day when just for a moment you remember us and just for a moment you experience peace.

We are just as real as you are. We are just at a different frequency of light. We cry for you, we laugh with you, we talk about you, we think about you - for we are in love with you. We are in love with your joys, and we are saddened by your hurts. For every part of you resonates to a part of us, but we need your full attention as you move through these next time sequences. Send us to the battlefields. Send us to those that sleep in fear. Send us to those that hurt. We are to be issued to all of humanity. Unfortunately you only call to us in times of despair, but we are here always.

Allow us to come into your world, to run your errands of light, to run your errands of hope, to run your errands of healing. It is our job as we serve the creator for you. Do not keep packing your soul with heavy burdens: allow us, by your asking, to lighten your load literally. Send us to those you are worried about. Send us to those who only think of themselves and no one else. Send us into the day before you venture out. The miracles are held in our hearts and released from our hearts to your hands. Receive them by your belief. Receive them by your faith.

We are issued to humanity by the Heavenly Father himself. In the beginning we looked down upon humans, we thought, how could such a lesser being, a lesser species - know how to delegate to us - such fine-lined filaments of heavenly light. As we have quietly observed you throughout time, we know that you hold within you a great heart and a great possibility for the future. It is this knowing that brings us joy. It is this knowing that helps us to become involved in your daily affairs.

For as I have spoken - we are minute and we are vast, beyond your knowing. You know many of our commanders such as Michael , Gabriel , Uriel and Raphael – but they are but a few of the trillions upon trillions of us that await your acknowledgment. For that is our job and the Father pushes us to do so. We cannot be called forth into action unless it is by you. We sit on the edge of the light, waiting for your call like a love sick girl on date night.
The truth is we have fallen in love with you. We have finally opened our heart to you and all resentment of the past has been dissolved. We understand the wishes and the longings of the Creator now. We understand the destiny of mankind now. For in the very beginning - you're beginning, we did not. So let us love you and allow yourself to love us. We shall work as a team, to help dissolve all of the pain on the Earth. Let us help you heal. Let us help you bring more love into your marriages, into your families, into your life. We are so much more then what you understand. We love you. We truly do. We apologize deeply for any sadness that we caused you in the beginning of time.
Understand that this battle that you fight on Earth has fallen from the heavens to be played out on Earth. Allow the angels of light to come. It is now time for you to reinstate what was divinely directed for you to do in the beginning. Call upon the angels and we will be here with one word, one thought, and one breath.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Great Cosmic Cleansing: Message From Sananda

29th September, 2009
© 2009 Marlene Swetlishoff
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Beloved Lightworkers,
I come forth to speak to you today about the great cleansing that is continuing in each and every moment and each and every day and that will continue on into the months ahead. This cleansing is now affecting mostly you, the Lightworkers, because you are, and have been working with energies and can feel energies and know energies, and so this initial downpouring is felt mostly by you.
This Light and Energy is also affecting those who are just Awakening or have not yet Awakened, and these energies are affecting them in the same ways that they affected you. However, what is occurring within the person just Awakening, or not yet Awakened, is that they are finding confusion within themselves, they are finding moments where they are vibrating, they are finding moments where different parts of their bodies are energetically active and they find themselves confused and in need of answers, and so they turn to their physicians and they take tests and they find that there is nothing wrong that could be found within them. And this is how it is going for each of them, and when they discover that they are not perishing but these feelings still continue, these energetic actions within them are continuing, THEN, they will begin to question what this energy is and they will begin to seek answers and they will be finding the answers through your, the Beloved Lightworker websites, and so, each of you who serve the Light in whatever way through your websites, will be experiencing a great influx of visitors, seekers of Light, seekers of answers, and we ask you all to be prepared for this.
Each of you will experience this on your websites. Know that you are the Wayshowers, you are the Ones that the World will turn to, for you are the Trail Blazers. You have gone through the initiations, the spiritual fires of purification and you know what they are going through. You have come out of the other end into the New Dimension and so, each of you will be sought. The knowledge that you offer through your websites will be sought in great earnestness by those that are now Awakening and seeking answers.
Continue to ground the Cosmic Light Energies into the Earth’s core, continue to maintain your disciplines, in raising your frequency levels and your vibrational levels, for it is standing you in good stead. It is assisting the Earth and all of Humanity and indeed all upon the Earth. You are the Pathcutters, the Trail Blazers and you now, by choice on the Higher levels, turn and extend your helping hands in the days that are before us. You are the islands of Light and stability, you are the Ones who will be sought.
Know that each of you is surrounded by Legions of Light, Angels of Light, the Ascended Realms. Each of you have but to ask for anything and it shall be given unto you with alacrity. Each of you have been tested in the fires of initiation and have come through in bright, blazing glory! We thank you for your service, we thank you with our deepest gratitude and our most infinite joy.
I Am Sananda

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Dawn Breaks...A New Day Finally Arrives September 28, 2009

The Dawn Breaks...A New Day Finally Arrives September 28, 2009


With Mercury going forward once again, the final piece of our new arrival is finally in place. And with this event, we will see much more of a forward movement and a secure locking in of our very new spaces.

This means no more waking up pre-dawn, at 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., or 5:00 a.m. and unable to go back to sleep! For many of us, we will finally be able to sleep through an entire night! We are removed from the higher realities, or what occurs in dream state, at certain intervals during the ascension process, as much is going on at these levels, and we need to be clear and removed while things are re-calibrating and being put into place. Thus, we may fall asleep comfortably, but continue to wake up precisely at the same time each morning, with an inability to go back again. It is all part of the process of moving forward.

As our disconnections have occurred in their entirety, and our new spaces finally and completely prepared, we need now only step into them with all of our being. Who will be alongside of us now? Who and what has "made the cut," and is now residing where we are residing? (A brief note to forerunners: There are fewer souls at your level, as you are the ones forging very, very new territory, but rest assured, you will connect with your partners none-the-less.)

Individuals and energies who have assisted in bringing forth our new places and spaces, may suddenly depart, as their role was in assisting us to get where we needed to be, and now they will depart for their rightful and true spaces, if even no longer in ours. On this note, this final anchoring in will herald the new way in regard to the earth angels as the official caretakers of the planet. In times past, we assisted in bringing up the vibration of the planet, left for a new reality of our making, and now we will absolutely and unequivacably be at the helm, in control, and able to create without resistance and challenge, a very new earth within our very new reality. There will now be a distinct changing of the guard in regard to who or what is now in our new spaces.

Many are reporting sudden arrivals of new money. Whether in the form of inheritances, early retirements, gifts, or the like, these new sources of income will assist in placing many of us right where we need to be. These gifts from above, are supporting us in being where we need to be, creating our new release and new freedom, so that we can now completely anchor into our very new spaces. Like sudden synchronicities from above, we can know that all is in divine and perfect order as we are being supported as never before in strange and miraculous ways.

And yet some are still feeling stuck in between. Feeling stuck can occur when we have not yet been willing to really let go of what we need to let go of. If we are still hanging on to things, we will be placed in the energy of the old, where we no longer live and vibrate, and this can feel very uncomfortable at best. Another way to get "un-stuck" is to stay in positive thinking. To identify and envision what we really and truly want for ourselves in all ways, and know it will finally be arriving very soon. Going back to the old, no matter where we are now residing, can feel downright awful. We cannot go back, as the lower rungs are simply far too dense, and at this point, will feel like a reality where we simply no longer belong…somewhere from a distant past that belongs to someone else. And it can even make us feel ill and decaying.

With this new movement, rapid heartbeat can occur once again, as the energies are moving, and feelings of hyperventilating can occur as well. Before we arrived in this space, in weeks past, we may have experienced a definite squeezing, as though we were trying to push some density through a tight hole. This manifested as headaches, severe allergies, body pain, and an overall feeling of barely being able to move around. This has now passed, and feeling lighter, with perhaps lots of energy moving around in the head area, and even weight loss that actually stays off for a change, can be common symptoms as well. I have been thrilled to have lost 25 pounds in the past few months, and it is finally staying off, restoring me to my normal and familiar weight before the ascension process began.

As we begin to arrive in these very new spaces, we will also begin to connect with new people as well. Having lost so many with the advent of the separation of the worlds, we will now connect with very new families who will be right for us in every way. Some will be at lower rungs of the vibrational ladder than we may be, but will be needed in arenas where we need to establish our store-fronts. Others may be on higher rungs, but will be needed to guide and assist us. It does not matter what rung, as we will all connect in relation to where our energy overlaps, or what we have in common, and seeing the divinity in each and every face, is all that is ever needed.

Feelings of insecurity that we may have experienced in the past, due to having no sense of place and a loss of our old identity, will now cease to a large degree…thank goodness! With the advent of very new roles, perhaps new geographical residences, and new brothers and sisters to mingle with, things will now feel back to normal, if even a very new normal.

Most recently, and in times to come, energy shifts will arrive in big bangs. Like a missile hitting dense targets, we will feel big shake-ups for no apparent reason, and they will most likely not affect us at all. We are simply feeling the shake-ups that are occurring in the old world and old reality….a place where we no longer reside. These big bangs are like bombs going off behind a closed door, as although we may feel their impact in an indirect way, we will not be able to see and experience what they are creating, as we will be in another world entirely.

So although we will now have the world at our fingertips, becoming too giddy, focusing too much on having our own way and thinking it is all about us and what we want, will only serve to activate immense ego energy within, and defeat the purpose of the ascension process and all it has created up until now. Over and over I have seen this pattern…"Wow! My book has finally been published! Yipeee! Things are finally going my way! I got my new land! I bought a new house! I'm finally back on track and happy again!"

Yes, of course we are supposed to be happy. And yes, we are supposed to be able to create what we want. But what the ascension process creates, is a loss of our density within, or our ego states. So as we progress ever forward expanding and growing in consciousness, what we may have wanted to create in the past, no longer fits where and who we are now. This is why we are frequently blocked with the ascension process in regard to creating, as what we may have wanted to create at one time, no longer fits and we would simply have to undo our new creations, or back out and go somewhere else.

As we expand and evolve, we begin to notice what is around us, and most importantly, who is around us. Thus, it is not about us and what we want for ourselves, but much more about how we now fit into the whole. What do we desire to create, that fits into the whole and serves to support the whole? And know as well, that having large swings in mood in regard to being blissfully happy and joyous as everything is going our way one minute, and down and depressed because nothing is happening for us, are signs as well that our egos are running the show.

Stay centered with your new creations. Remember what the ascension process has taught us. Remember that suffering always serves to connect us to a higher place and to our source, as well as bringing us together. Know that we are always where we need to be, no matter what that looks like. Remember that there is no good, bad, right, or wrong, but only source within us at any given moment. And remember as well, to notice who is by your side, who has helped you the most, and who is in your new space, while you revere and honor their creations as well…as they are very much a part of your very new reality and will serve to sustain you in all ways.

With much love and gratitude,


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Galactic Friends In Other Dimensions  This site is filled with amazing prophecies, channelings and information.
Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara, Kwan Yin and many more... A great way of knowing what is happening on so many levels and so many dimensions.

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