Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Great Cosmic Cleansing: Message From Sananda

29th September, 2009
© 2009 Marlene Swetlishoff
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Beloved Lightworkers,
I come forth to speak to you today about the great cleansing that is continuing in each and every moment and each and every day and that will continue on into the months ahead. This cleansing is now affecting mostly you, the Lightworkers, because you are, and have been working with energies and can feel energies and know energies, and so this initial downpouring is felt mostly by you.
This Light and Energy is also affecting those who are just Awakening or have not yet Awakened, and these energies are affecting them in the same ways that they affected you. However, what is occurring within the person just Awakening, or not yet Awakened, is that they are finding confusion within themselves, they are finding moments where they are vibrating, they are finding moments where different parts of their bodies are energetically active and they find themselves confused and in need of answers, and so they turn to their physicians and they take tests and they find that there is nothing wrong that could be found within them. And this is how it is going for each of them, and when they discover that they are not perishing but these feelings still continue, these energetic actions within them are continuing, THEN, they will begin to question what this energy is and they will begin to seek answers and they will be finding the answers through your, the Beloved Lightworker websites, and so, each of you who serve the Light in whatever way through your websites, will be experiencing a great influx of visitors, seekers of Light, seekers of answers, and we ask you all to be prepared for this.
Each of you will experience this on your websites. Know that you are the Wayshowers, you are the Ones that the World will turn to, for you are the Trail Blazers. You have gone through the initiations, the spiritual fires of purification and you know what they are going through. You have come out of the other end into the New Dimension and so, each of you will be sought. The knowledge that you offer through your websites will be sought in great earnestness by those that are now Awakening and seeking answers.
Continue to ground the Cosmic Light Energies into the Earth’s core, continue to maintain your disciplines, in raising your frequency levels and your vibrational levels, for it is standing you in good stead. It is assisting the Earth and all of Humanity and indeed all upon the Earth. You are the Pathcutters, the Trail Blazers and you now, by choice on the Higher levels, turn and extend your helping hands in the days that are before us. You are the islands of Light and stability, you are the Ones who will be sought.
Know that each of you is surrounded by Legions of Light, Angels of Light, the Ascended Realms. Each of you have but to ask for anything and it shall be given unto you with alacrity. Each of you have been tested in the fires of initiation and have come through in bright, blazing glory! We thank you for your service, we thank you with our deepest gratitude and our most infinite joy.
I Am Sananda

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