Monday, October 12, 2009

A Spiritual Portal Opening Message From Master Saint Germain

About September 9th, 2009:
Unconditional Love

"As you are well aware, there were many 9-9-9 gatherings sprinkled all over the planet.

The magical date and planetary configurations created a strong portal for new, high frequency energies to enter into the Earth. These energies are essential for the raising of all life and the Earth for Ascension. The many sincere prayers and activations were of great service to the planet and to yourselves. They allowed the energy to deepen and successfully penetrate the density still within your realms.

After such a high energy time, it is perfectly normal and expected that there will be an energetic let down afterwards. Please understand this is just a balancing of the higher energies that you experienced. Clearing out that which comes up is necessary to deeply integrate the new energy and frequency that was received.

Be gentle with yourself and do not judge any feelings of let down as failure on your part. You are perfect and did very well -- well done! Use the Violet Flame and know that the expansion you felt during that time will, and can, soon be your level of what you would call normal. Be kind to yourself, be sure to get plenty of sleep and eat pure foods that will nourish your body.

By joyous and know, deep in your heart, how precious you are.

From the higher realms we see you all as bright shining stars and encourage you to go forth and share that light with all you encounter. You will be receiving more transformational downloads of energy and blessings for many months to follow. "

New Message

"I have mentioned this to many of you before, and want to remind you of the paramount importance of clearing your emotional body. This is the MOST important task of all for your personal Ascension.

The many varied emotions that you feel and experience are of the human, not the Divine. They block you from being able to embody your True Essence. Even those that you may think are high frequency emotions are not what you believe them to be. For instance, it is commonly accepted by the current collective consciousness that LOVE is a high and desired state to achieve. . . . Not necessarily.

There are many types of love, most of which are third dimensional traps. Any emotion that causes you any type of pain or strong attachments is a trap. Romantic love is certainly one, yet most of you are desiring to find your soul mate or your twin flame, thinking that is the ultimate romantic love and is a desirous goal. Romantic love has so many conditions, expectations and pain. It is what all your songs and stories revolve around and it traps you into a lower spiral, no matter how elevated you expect it to be.

I truly understand how this information may product sadness or even anger and disbelief within you. Yet it is my deep love for you that commands me to reveal the truth to you as it is my desire to see each one of you completely free and ascended.

The desired state of love is that of the Christ Consciousness Unconditional Love. That is the love we of the higher realms have for you and all of life. It is nowhere similar to romantic love or the love of a parent for a child. It is difficult to understand and embody from the earthly realm, however, if one truly clears the emotional body of all emotions, including romantic and other conditional forms of love, higher love can enter.

Use my Violet Flame often and sincerely to clear your emotion body. Ask to understand, experience and embody Christ Consciousness Unconditional Love. Know that it is a state of Being, not an emotion, feeling, or thought. It is what one becomes as an ascended being.

I send you my love and blessings." -- Ascended Master Saint Germain

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